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Camael, the angel of joy, is both an arch angel in writings, and the leader of the seraphs. While sometimes he is depicted as an arch angel and the angel that drove out Adam and Eve and stood watch with the flaming sword, sometimes he's merely a very powerful seraph.

In this continuity, Camael is the King of Seraphs in heaven, second under Azrael and God. Formerly the guardian of Eden, once he was pretty damn sure no one was ever going to ooze their way back in there again, it was right back to doing what he did best on earth.

And what is he the best at?

Spreading joy, of course.

Whether it be minor things like running a small charity or helping out with soup kitchens and pantries, to big things like pushing and coaxing the transaction of billions of dollars in aid to those in need, Camael does his best to quietly move the needle of fate to the bar he wants it to be in.


A single touch from Camael can banish all pain, physical, emotional and mental, from a persons body. It sears off all negativity and replaces it with boundless, endless, overwhelming joy, a single glimpse of heaven.

Camael's weapons are light, like the emotion he embodies. He carries a flaming rapier and a bow and arrow. He doesn't carry his arrows in a quiver, but in the off-hand, where he can pull them from the air and fire them rapidly.

In his angelic form, Camael is a seven foot tall entity with six wings, their color like Mother of Pearl. His body appears to be that of a ball jointed, resin doll with delicately articulated fingers, and his face is hidden by the comedy mask, light streaming from the eyes and mouth of it. There's a latch-key on the side, which he can undo and open the mask. Any non-angelic being, or demonic entity that isn't powerful enough, will be blinded upon beholding the true face of the angel of joy, as it is both too terrible and beautiful to gaze upon. Hearing Camael speak in a tone louder than a gentle whisper in this shape can deafen anyone less powerful than an angel or a high class demon.


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